In 1964, Mac Cal was formed to service the Defense and Aerospace industries as a label and overlay maker and soon after expanded its services to precision sheet metal manufacturing. As Mac Cal grew, it focused on hiring talent and encouraged leadership. People, Service, Quality and Speed became the cornerstones to its success as it ventured into machining and later painting/ silk screening. It is the same determination that allowed the Mac Cal team to once again take on the challenge of launching its cable and contract manufacturing divisions; which include: electro, mechanical, optical and clean room assembly.

In 1995 Michael Hall took over as President; he presided over a Customer diversification program which pivoted Mac Cal away from primarily servicing the semiconductor industry to servicing the Biomedical, Automotive and several other industries. Today Mac Cal is a vertically integrated manufacturer with internal manufacturing capabilities, a nimble Design & Engineering group and three sites in the Bay Area.

As the years passed our cornerstones remain firm: People, Service, Quality and Speed. These four cornerstones have allowed Mac Cal to cultivate many long-lasting relationships with Customers over several industries.